Teachings of Rhythm

Inspired while dancing the 5Rhythms, teaching us how to show up fully in this time….
When you crawl deeper into the chaos,
You feel nauseous.
An impulse to throw up – toss away, this overwhelming uncertainty.
But like any storm,
Impact will be minimized with relaxation.
Turning into a rag doll that is shaped by what moves her.
Letting the energy drain out of the mind is the only sure way of survival
Since nothing can be solved here.
No strategy applies.
You don’t know when the storm will end,
You can’t know.
But deep down you are certain it eventually will.
All is already changing,
Nothing ever really stopped.
And once you resign yourself over to the rhythms,
When you give yourself over completely,
At some point, joy will inevitably shower you in freedom.
How can it not?

Vuela, vuela, daughter, she whispers.

You have always been located at the center of the universe,
The place that truly has no beginning nor end.
And of course, when you finally slow down,
Arriving at the feet of silence,
Your heart will break open into compassion.

For what else is there in the darkness?

Connection is most certainly our life raft.
The mother beckons you to meet her, see her, know her.
It is time to rest your head in her lap,
Into her gentle softness.
And when you find stillness,
Sit deeply into it,
Blow it away to the rest in offering.
Turn your body over, heart on ground.
And listen.
Listen to your mother.
Hear your heart beat,
Hear the self drum slowly syncing up with the universal beat of the mother drum.
The only thing you have ever been promised is that this cycle will begin again.
Yours truly,
Gavrila Nikhila

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