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I have been practicing mindfulness modalities for over a decade and it has radically changed my life.

My entry point into contemplative practice was initiated through the teachings of yoga, continued with an exploration of active meditation, and became crystallized as a dedicated practitioner and teacher of mindfulness.

Guided by the question: Is this life worth living? I left my career as an Industrial Engineer to pursue the path of self-study and service by devoting myself to the practices that guarantee freedom from suffering. I know all too well the depressive state that can arise when living a life that lacks passion and meaning. And, just the same, I know what it means to leap and find what makes one come alive. In a way, that is what all of these practices and teachings are about – how to become more alive, more whole, more you.

Currently, I am training as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Somatic Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). As a guiding member of the first-ever Dedicated Practitioners Program in Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, I co-facilitate the community engagement sessions with our global community. And I have the great joy of beginning to cultivate using touch in healing work through training in Relational Somatic Therapy.

I have had the benefit of teaching mindfulness to various populations around the world. Most recently, Spirit Rock and Inward Bound Mindfulness Education have brought me in to work with middle schoolers, teens, and families through Spirit Rock’s Middle School Meditation Series and various retreats offered by both. Through teaching mindfulness to incarcerated women, supporting lawyers training to become mindfulness leaders in their field, and working with broader communities who turn to the practices of yoga and mindfulness to find respite and support in this world, I am continuously shown how beneficial these practices are to all of us. My own practice is the primary influencer of my teachings, thus, I participate in extended, silent meditation retreats to deeply study the techniques of mindfulness and how they lead to joy and contentment.

I am inspired to offer support for grief transformation, liberating women and other marginalized populations, and helping folks find their truest, most beautiful lives.

A daughter, sister, lover, dancer, and writer, I teach connection through embodiment – the main channel where the capacity to be intimate with life can grow – both in the joys and in tending to our grief and unresolved trauma. Based in California, I work one-on-one via coaching and with groups via trainings, workshops, and retreats.

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