We have to take care of our broken-heartedness, our woundedness. We need to be creating spaces and practices to take care of the pain. We have this mountain of generational trauma that we have not yet addressed, we don’t even teach it. Becoming a trauma-sensitive culture and individuals is key.

lama rod owen

trauma-sensitive mindfulness training

you will learn:

  • a basic understanding of trauma and how it impacts one’s body and life experience
  • how to generate safety
  • myriad trauma-sensitive practices that are suited to one’s abilities and needs
  • the importance of a social context lens and how to cultivate an actively inclusive environment of practice
  • your scope of practice, person-centered support, and tools for referrals

you will experience:

  • a supportive learning community
  • space to practice, reflect and explore
  • an integrated and digestible pace of learning

basics of somatics training

we cannot transform without including the body.

i work with:

  • psychotherapists, teachers, and those in healing professions
  • those looking to deepen their connection with their body

we will explore:

  • the senses as a doorway to presence
  • tools to support regulation
  • listening to the wisdom of the body
  • practices when there is charge or a lack of energy in the system
  • nourishing, healthy ways to soothe

what details should i know about these trainings?

i work with groups, as well as individuals. to work with me as a somatic psychotherapist, please visit my therapy website.

trainings are offered as a one-day or multi-day training. advanced courses are available based on request.

want to work with me?

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