Poetry of Shifting Shapes

What will it take to claim your life?
To remember that right now,
You are still alive.
Still breathing.

And what will finally allow you to give it all away?
For new visions only ever birth from emptiness.

And what, dear love, are you taking for granted right now?
Recognize it soon, send it sweet prayers,
For like everything, it will one day be gone, gone.

This territory is not new.
A dusty old memory that is ready to be wiped clean.
The story of all birth is one that ascends from darkness.
Death returning us to the mystery and majesty we all came from.

Let the vertical axis root and stretch you,
As all contorts into new shapes.
Take refuge in the truth of change,
In knowing that life is defined by endless cycles of birth and death.
And grow heavier into the physical ground that continues to lift you up,
As another world is born.

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