Take Rest

When the chest grips, When the breath gets shallow, When the jaw tightens, When life casts a shadow, That’s the time, my dear, to take rest. To hear the soul sing a song of disharmony, Of climbing a tall peak, of swimming upstream. The clenching, the closing, is oh so seductive! It’s familiar, we know... Continue Reading →

I Say Yes.

I don’t know, But I know you, Great Spirit, And I say YES, And let you delicately unfurl the HOW. I dance in your creation, I receive your download, your direction, your sweet song. And I gather up the sisters and brothers and family who are longing to dance the dance of liberation, The dance... Continue Reading →

Grief as Our Teacher

Grief strikes a knife directly through our heart, So striking, so sudden, we don't even know where to start. The immediate shattering causes us to become untamed, Out of control, wild, we hardly can remember our own name. All that's familiar seems to be so far, As if the door leading back to reality remains... Continue Reading →

Eros Says…

Eros says, Come close to me, relate with me, see me. He laughs as we longingly search for the taste of eroticism only through sexual pleasure. Erotic doesn’t have to mean you inside of me, Erotic means making love with ME. ME, capital M E, It All. Eros asks to be noticed, to be played... Continue Reading →

An Artist’s Prayer

Oh, Great Spirit, I acknowledge your infinite power of creativity. I realize that I am born as co-creator, And that all of my fellow humans are born as that, too. May we have the courage to open ourselves to that power, To be channels of creativity. May we show up to receive and create that... Continue Reading →

To You, Winter Solstice Baby.

On December 21, 1989 my big sister Ariel Joann Abramson was born. On February 25, 2017 she died. This winter solstice was the first birthday after her death. Today it feels like my shoulders are trying to hold up my whole body. It’s a tough job with such a heavy heart, I feel them start... Continue Reading →

Stay Awake, Start Again

Inhale, Exhale. Inspire, Extend. Take in, Empty, empty. Feel that space, Steady, steady. Move closer, Bring it in. Step away, See within. Feels uncertain, Just keep staying. What's unfolding, Is conveying. Learn a bit, Take a break. Stay awake, Start again. Inhale, Exhale. Inspire, Extend.  

The Vision

There's something that doesn't feel right, When the folks on the megabus are primarily black, And the folks on the airplane are primarily white. Truth is staring me straight in the eye, Each seat of first class occupied by some rich, white guy. And YES, I want to see a way outside of right and... Continue Reading →

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