In Me There Is You

The truth of my existence
Is the essence of my being.
More concrete and real
Than any thought or feeling.
In the foundation of this core truth,
I score the Earth to find the you,
That knows the depth, the width, the length,
Of vibrating on this holographic plane.
So we can come together and heed the call,
The call that has been singing and praying for us all,
To notice that the only revolution can be love,
To remember the infinite strength of a hug.
A warrior needs to be strong and is definitely wise,
So too shall the warrior feel tears in her eyes,
She’ll know that while standing tall always takes courage,
Softening is essential to this divine intermarriage.
Masculine and Feminine, we rise together.
Strong as a lion and soft as a feather.
Peeling back the layers, cleaning out the room,
Coming together, realizing in me there is you.


Gavrila Nikhila


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