The Vision

There’s something that doesn’t feel right,
When the folks on the megabus are primarily black,
And the folks on the airplane are primarily white.

Truth is staring me straight in the eye,
Each seat of first class occupied by some rich, white guy.

And YES, I want to see a way outside of right and wrong,
Outside of black and white,
Outside of this same, sad song.

But I truly don’t know what to do,
Besides see and observe,
And write this poem to you.

A poem that asks for us to take a good look,
To see the system of oppression that’s written into our national book.

A land where supposedly every man is equal,
I’m still holding my breath for a more honest sequel.

Thank you to all those who’ve chosen to have their voices be heard,
To tell the stories of lives that have been inhumanely obscured.

I stand as an ally,
I’m here to learn,
Transforming the story of our people,
To speak and act from heart centered concern.

I pray, I pray,
The day will come,
When we remember that we really are one.

May this prayer become something other than abstraction,
May we paint this vision,
And live it through action.

I love you 

Photo Cred: Funso Omojola

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