I Say Yes.

I don’t know,
But I know you, Great Spirit,
And I say YES,
And let you delicately unfurl the HOW.
I dance in your creation,
I receive your download, your direction, your sweet song.
And I gather up the sisters and brothers and family who are longing to dance the dance of liberation,
The dance of true aliveness, of yearning, of prayer, of wholeness.
And we unite, hand in hand, eye gazing into eye gazing into eye, heeding your call.
Remembering that we are not trying to change, no, the vision that we hold is one of knowing, one that sees through illusion, moves through layer and layer of derangement to find the light, the bright bright light that is buried longing to be found, present underneath it all, waiting for us to return back to it, and honor it, and live its vision back into the place of interconnection and unity.
And we acknowledge that it is not through avoidance, nor bypassing, nor ignorance, that we unbury this heart.
It is through the swampy, shadowy, darkness that we reconnect with this power source. And we know that we can celebrate in the darkness, we can hold each other close and offer up, doing this on behalf of all, honoring our gentle hearts, honoring the heart of this gentle, strong Earth.

Boom, grammar, how’s that for a run-on sentence.

Gavrila Nikhila

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