An Artist’s Prayer

Oh, Great Spirit,

I acknowledge your infinite power of creativity.
I realize that I am born as co-creator,
And that all of my fellow humans are born as that, too.

May we have the courage to open ourselves to that power,
To be channels of creativity.

May we show up to receive and create that which wants to be created through us.
May we understand that being in the service of you, Great Spirit, is the purpose.
May we remember that the natural world is our brilliant home and inspiration.
May we steward the land, knowing it is here for us to tend,
Dreaming a dream through us.
May we return to our inherent nature of interconnectedness,
And midwife a world founded in love together.
May we heed your call and go forth in action.
May we show up and move in confidence as we dance with your great power,
Not believing in our self doubts and fears.

May we wake up to you, wake up from our illusion, wake up to our True Nature.
Thank you for this gift. We hear you.

And so it is.

Gavrila Nikhila


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