Eros Says…

Eros says,
Come close to me, relate with me, see me.
He laughs as we longingly search for the taste of eroticism only through sexual pleasure.
Erotic doesn’t have to mean you inside of me,
Erotic means making love with ME.

capital M E,
It All.

Eros asks to be noticed, to be played with, to be reacted to.
To hang off of each of my every words.
To listen to the song of a thumping heartbeat,
    The rustling of a leaf as it dies and sways to the ground.
To hold a pencil in your hand and feel the divine weight,
    The smell of the wood, touching it as if it is your beloved.

Relationships aren’t just about people,
No, no, form a relationship with ME,
With the very existence of Isness.
There you will find the most intimate relationship of your life.

Coo at the moon as she climbs up the sky, generously lighting it all up,
    Bathing everything in her silvery, white presence.
Sing along with Yemaya, as she comes closer to tickle your feet,
    Quickly withdrawing again.
Become tenderly aware of the continuous rebirthing and dying and rebirthing,
Happening all around all the time.

Eros asks for staying in relationship even when the mundane arrives:
Tangling up in everlasting boredom, curious about the schizophrenia of time,
    Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.
Letting hunger make you crave, begging to be filled.
Collapsing into confusion as your mind lets the words of the past and future roll around,
Playing, searching for clarity.

We are longing for our lives to be an erotic dance,
Thirsting not thrusting,
Realizing it will not be found by making someone else belong to you.
Even making love is just a taste, an old memory of what home is like.

But what about being devoured by all that is flirting with you?
Finding the rhythm and rhyme in the orchestra of sound and silence.
Feeling pulsation from the everflowing river of energy.
Tasting the whispers of the ancestors and the hummingbirds.
All talking together at the same time.
Mesmerizing you, hypnotizing you, as the bees hum their songs.

Waiting for you to answer,
     To chime in,
To notice,
              To join the song.

                                        Touch me, says Eros.

                              Know the brilliance of it ALL.

                  Then, may you know true love, true erotic love.

Gavrila Nikhila

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