Pointing Fingers

In moments of deep frustration,
When my mind and body get agitated and impatient,
I notice the thoughts that arise,
The thoughts that will lead to my demise.

She isn’t doing her job right. It’s her fault.
Says one voice.
They didn’t design this tool right. It’s their fault.
Says another.
When is this going to be OVER?
Says a third.

And on and on this chatter goes,
Unconsciously pulling me into the throes,
Of more frustration, more impatience,
Getting uncomfortable, getting anxious.

And then awareness strikes as I stare these voices in the eye,
The moment they burn out, die out, and sigh,
Knowing that they have no strength once they are seen,
Realizing that we are free once we’ve seen the unseen.

Gavrila Nikhila

Art Gratitude: “Divine” by Cristina Troufa 


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