Living in Prayer

I pray and pray for my awakened heart to be liberated on behalf of all beings.
And then, each moment, it is in movement, in action, that this prayer comes to life.

See, a prayer is like a sweet whisper into the ear of the divine.

A prayer is us telling our secret, our deepest wish.

And then, with everything we do, we sew the prayer into that which is created.
What does it look like to eat a date with the loving care of all that has created it?
What does it feel like to sit with a broken heart?

We are pushed off balance by the number of seductive, conditioned thoughts that keep us small.
But the willingness it takes to move a prayer, to see the prayer, to be enveloped by the mastery of prayer itself.

I count on my fingers the times I’ve planned my life.
I spin thinking about all of the thoughts and ideas of what to do and how to do it.
My stomach braces as I feel all the times that the world proved that I am not enough.
How many times I compared myself, proving that I am not enough.

But is this really a game of not enough?
Or is this an unraveling, a touching between two worlds.
Poking through the vale of separation.
Letting all of the doubt seep out of the heavy container.

To touch into that which is deep, that which is true, that which is real.

Gavrila Nikhila

Art Gratitude: Eclipse by Tsuyoshi Nagano

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