an unknown life

sometimes we think that it will be this future point in time,
that deserves all of our undivided attention.
and try as we might, to consider all of the possibilities of what might happen then,
we mostly cannot dream up the fixings of that moment.
anticipating the convergence of energy,
of something that feels like it might karmically determine every step forward.
and yet, typically when we do arrive, our attention has already moved to the next future point in time.
so much of our stress is a fantasy.
a buildup of thoughts that are birthed from what we have learned from our past.
we are often living a life of precautionary imaginations,
afraid of rubbing up against pain that we once knew.
what does it mean to live this life with an unprotected heart?
to no longer need to work so hard to build a dream of control.
what does it mean to slowly let that attention, all that energy, be invited out of the calculating mind,
and into that which feeds it?
most likely we’ll stumble upon a beating heart.
one who is asking for the company of your kind awareness,
like a child reaching for comfort.
when we finally settle ourselves there,
the need to work so hard lessens.
at last, we understand that with attunement, the heart no longer needs a solution to an unknown life.

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