about love.

for those looking for love, it can feel like we are waiting to start our lives. a zen teacher once said, “enlightenment is the constant state of orgasm.” what does it mean? what are we searching for?

it is our nature, as herd animals, to seek for belonging and connection. this is innate, not something to disown. we are fed through the interconnectedness that we are always inherently part of. when we take away the expectations and coloring we place on another – trying to make them into something we want them to be – we find, as the dust settles, that we can never not be in relationship. we only exist in relationship, as relationship. life never stops living – a pulsating, buzzing quality that lives through us, surrounds us, and embeds us in its circuitry.

questions for those seeking love are: what is it that i’m longing to find in another? where is that quality within myself? what tells me that i am part of, connected to, already? and what are the pieces of myself that have been tucked away, living in the shadows of my own being?

no one can make you whole. you are whole, inherently. and yet, we can dive deeper into the creation of our own lives, looking for the treasure buried and forgotten. reclaim your love, reclaim the love that envelops you, turn towards it and drink its nectar. all is happening in the best of times, dear one. how could it not? we only receive what we’re ready for.

and in this time of isolation, let the pain of perceived disconnection be met with the kindness of your own heart, on behalf of all beings. those moments that loneliness wells up to meet you, please, don’t disown it yet again. for that pause when you can meet it and greet it, you do it regarding all life that has experienced the absence of other. and in that, bringing hand to heart, you will see that through this gracious meeting, connection is found again.

life is reaching for you, always.

Yours truly, standing near in time and space,

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