Weaver of the Web

You are weaving your side of the web as you read this. And we each need to be weaving for the whole, interconnected web to function. Don’t forget that you offer your own unique offerings, no one else can bring them forward except for you. So be careful about gazing upon the future, thinking that some day the tapestry will be complete. Because for it to become what you so longly dream of, it must be woven little by little every moment of your life. With each breath, you form reality, you create, you decide what is brought into form. We’ve heard so many times that there is no future, but realistically speaking, how can anything become if it is not becoming? Remember this, remember this in every word you speak and every action you take, you are weaving what will be. And we need you, Weaver, we need you tending to your part.

I love you,
Gavrila Nikhila

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