Waking Up…Part II

The answer is: You keep walking. (Read Part 1) But you stop looking down at your feet, and start looking around because... The world is speaking to you. Through every single one of your senses, there is guidance being offered that reveals your path to you. I've started to realize that we're living in a... Continue Reading →

Weaver of the Web

You are weaving your side of the web as you read this. And we each need to be weaving for the whole, interconnected web to function. Don't forget that you offer your own unique offerings, no one else can bring them forward except for you. So be careful about gazing upon the future, thinking that... Continue Reading →

There Is No Failure

Sometimes, on my favorite mornings, I awaken to an insight. The other morning, as I opened my eyes, a clarity came to me: There is no failure. There is only a choice - to leap or not to leap. So point blank. So clear. And it makes so much sense. Up until this point, I've... Continue Reading →

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