Reverence: In Honor of MLK Jr.

And I asked her, what inspires you most about him?
And she said, his voice, how he spoke out, endlessly, tirelessly, bravely.
And she asked me what I thought.
And I said, well, I suppose it’s that he saw the possibility of a world that had not yet been created.
He stood for a dream, that he knew didn’t need to be a dream, but could be a reality.
What he did was point to the misunderstanding, the belief, that someone could ever be less than someone else.
He shook the world as he spoke on behalf of many, that there were free people being mistaken for slaves.
His passion and clarity were on fire, lighting up the world that was ripe for awakening.
Just like the law of gravity defined a natural phenomenon already occurring,
He articulated the law of equality of all things, all beings, all humans.
Pointing to the full moon, giving voice to that which is holy and wholesome,
He dedicated himself to speaking the word of truth and of love.

Gavrila Nikhila

Photo Credit Courtesy of the King Family

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