Into Me You See

What I want to know is:
Am I worth it?

Not worthy.
That is not my question.
I am worthy, of course, it is my birthright, it is your birthright.
Being here in human form made up of the exquisite natural world,
We are all brilliant perfection.

But what I want to know is as we move closer together,
And consequentially meet our unlocked deep held secrets and injuries,
Are you willing to get closer to me, with me, and look upon these wounds beside me with care?

Oh, the depths of emotional scarring are painful and evocative.
No one wants to look at them, be with them, they are what we cover up our entire lives.
But if we want to love fully, the bubbles from the belly of the unending ocean will breath,
Come up for air, softened by the enwrapping of love,
Curious if now it is okay to be witnessed.

That’s all we ever wanted:
To be acknowledged.
Not even understood.

No, I am learning that no one else will ever entirely understand my lived experience,
Nor will I their’s.
That is our own work to do.
To pay attention,
Fully witness the wholeness of the unchanging changes that arise and pass away in our experiences,
Until our very last breath.

You say you want love, you want intimacy.
Intimacy: Into Me You See.
Through reflection of the kind or harsh eyes of another, our fullness is revealed.

Will you stay as all of me surfaces?

Gavrila Nikhila

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