who am i to decide which creation is better than the other?
pain drives me to shun that which caused it,
to preference that which might have avoided or alleviated it.
and yet, the pain itself and all that follows is birthed from the same material of all that is universal.
the arising and passing away of this
is from the same mother of that.
i am faced with what i have come to define as holy.
the bias carved into preference,
reaching for connection with another,
allowing them to become keeper of holiness and worth.
this faulty investment births precariousness.
for like all things, the object of connection too arises and passes.
loss is sewn into this movement pattern,
again realizing that nothing material will sustain.
freedom is sewn into this cycle,
illuminating connection free of object,
an unseen connection inherent in our noble seat of belonging.

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