musings on a burning world

The truth is, sometimes I think staying by the ocean is wise because when the world gets sicker, I can swim out into the sea and let her take me. It’s a plan that allows me to know I can escape, I can leave, be free. The ocean will envelop me and I will return to the mother, the droplet into the ocean. Indistinguishable again.

But deep down, I know I’d never leave. I would do everything to stay in all the pain and dismay. I suppose I’m still in conflict with the part of myself who is determined to hold on for dear life. To stand, stay warm, loving, and peaceful, as this whole world gets rocked beyond its tolerance.

Deep down lives the queen beast who, like an avatar, is plugged into the deepest, oldest roots of the Earth’s story. She’s the beast who looks at the stars who stand stark naked in the cycle of birth and death, illuminated by darkness, a twinship.

Artwork by Autumn Skye

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