find your activist.

There are many ways to be an activist for human dignity.

Being on the front lines, using voice and body to proclaim justice, is one way.
Even using our power to destroy, to release ancient anger and grief, is a way.
Though it can be called violence,
Know that trying to repress these voices and acts is violence, too.

Stillness can be a deep act of activism,
But know the difference between stillness and silence.

Learning and unlearning can be ways to understand and open to equity,
But be wary of when your are learning to know, rather than to serve.

Offering generosity to others – through time, through resources, through presence,
This is a way to support others in their activism through yours.

Let this be a collaboration between your inherent ability to seek truth
With the inspiration so many are revealing to you.

Know that this an undoing of thousands of years,
Maybe since the beginning.
Know you are not supposed to be an expert here,
Believing so will get in the way.
Be patient, dear heart.
Show up in the ways you know how and learn new ways.
Grow with us.

Image source davidpuus ozandya

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