Part 2: Overcoming Forgiveness

In response to his second question:

What role does Forgiveness play in your life? How have you overcome forgiving others, or forgiving yourself when no one else would?

When I hear ‘overcome’, I could just sit here and cry,
Realizing the need for us to fix, cure, and die.
Overcoming is not what we need,
Inviting to the table is what’s called for, indeed.
If I invite Forgiveness to dinner,
She’ll tell me it wasn’t hurt intended by sinner.
She’ll remind me that my feelings are real,
She’ll whisper sweet nothings about kindess to feel.
And she’ll tell me that the way isn’t to blame,
She’ll ask me if being right will truly bring fame.
Forgiveness, will say, gently to my heart,
“It’s okay to be tender, it’s okay from the start.”
And if you’ve been beaten up, struck down and hurt,
It’s important to communicate that pile of dirt.
To whom it concerns, this must be done,
I am here to awaken both of us to all of the perspectives beneath the sun.
Please hear me, I must know I belong,
Please listen close, let me sing you my unique song.
And if you are willing to stay with me,
Then deeper and deeper we shall see.
And if you go, I know not to wait,
You are on your journey, please don’t escape.
Gavrila Nikhila

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