Love You.

There is this moment that we realize that all the beliefs we had about love aren’t true. They are a story, a dream, of passion, of being taken away, of falling, of flying. If they were true, we wouldn’t be sitting where we are, still contemplating how it all works. Our mind holds on to how it should be, while our body feels into what is. We can fast forward, thinking of how it will look, how it will work out, and then come back to the present and realize that is all fiction. We hope for passion and fire, and forget that heat can bring misery and torture. And when we finally find a quiet, loving, sweet presence, we ache for more drama, more excitement.

The thing is, when we pour our hearts into creativity, participation, and expansion, then the love we create with a significant other can be just as it is, it can be a safe home for us to come home to. And no matter what, just like any other living organism, it will need attention and acknowledgement, care and tenderness, for it to flourish. And as we transform on our own independent path, so shall it. Because everything changes, everything changes. And just like a garden, we can plant the seeds and do our best to take good care, and then, ultimately, we need to surrender to the brilliance and momentum of life itself.

Remember that nothing and no one can fix you. Even the person of your dreams. Because there is nothing to fix about you. You are already whole, complete, and perfect. Little by little, see if you can start by falling in love with you.

I love you,
Gavrila Nikhila

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