Dayenu: A Women’s Retreat

The Hebrew word dayenu, translates to “it would have been enough.” We can use the word to acknowledge gratitude in our lives – that what we have, what we’ve been granted, suffices, perhaps is even more than enough.

As women, we are conditioned from infancy to believe that we, as we are, are not enough. That we must suppress our natural behaviors, quiet our voices, control our bodies, and manage our appearances to be enough. Of course, this isn’t true.

You, my dear, are beyond the limits of sufficiency. You are a bold, powerful, force of nature.

It is time we dedicate our intentions to reclaiming this sense of power. Unlearning and re-learning how to stand fully in the space that our bodies, hearts, and minds take up. In order to recover our freedom, we must acknowledge just how deeply the ingrained habits of staying small are in our ancestry. We know women have been oppressed for millennia, but to disentangle from all the behaviors we’ve learned that have silenced us in every way takes devoted practice.

Throughout time, women have found strength and remembrance from their community of sisters. It is time to intentionally gather, to reclaim and celebrate our beautiful lives, together. At this retreat, we will practice freeing our voices, liberating our bodies, and looking to the stories of our foremothers, for guidance on this path of reclamation.

Jewish mysticism and ritual will be woven into this weekend to support our discovering. Whether you identify as Jewish or not, know that all female-identified bodies are welcome.

July 19 – 21, 2019 at The Gaia House in Nevada City, CA

Apply here.
Due to grant support through Moishe House, the cost of the entire weekend is $61. This is the total fee for the retreat.
Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis.

Love, love, love,
Gavrila Nikhila




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