Work with Gavrila

Live Virtual Classes

Mindful Flow: A Yoga Class | Monday nights, 6 -7 pm with YogaKula
Donation-Based Meditation | Friday mornings, 7:30 – 8 am with YogaKula
Community Practice Sessions | Ongoing with TSM

“Don’t apologize for the sorrow, grief, and rage you feel. It is a measure of your humanity and your maturity. It is a measure of your open heart, and as your heart breaks open there will be room for the world to heal. That is what is happening as we see people honestly confronting the sorrows of our time.”
~ Joanna Macy

Mindfulness-Based Coaching

Individuals | Families | Couples

In working with Gavrila, you can bring whatever it is you are looking for support with. Some clients come looking for help with formal practice, while others come to improve relationships in their lives. Gavrila offers a safe and receptive container that builds resilience, increases self-awareness, cultivates compassion, increases nervous system regulation and emotional intelligence, and can tend to unresolved grief and trauma.

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