We Are Womxn

Wild women are an unexplainable spark of life. They ooze freedom and seek awareness, they belong to nobody but themselves yet give a piece of who they are to everyone they meet. If you have met one, hold on to her, she’ll allow you into her chaos but she’ll also show you her magic.

Nikki Rowe

Bridging Womxn Community Group

A monthly womxn’s circle

Are you looking to live your truest, most beautiful life?

It is a sacred time of awaking. We are in a time where there is an abundance of toxic air to breathe. Whether it is smoky air, misogynistic air, rascist air, fear air. We are being asked to hold our life in our tender hands and ask what it is the world is asking from us, what are our heart yearns to offer.

To find our way back to clean, fresh oxygen, we need each other. Resilience has always depended on community. We need each other to survive and thrive and remember. Womxn created the world, all life came through a womb. It is our duty to strengthen and awaken to all that is needing our attention, to find our way to be resourced and courageous, and to regain the view and embodied experience of a rooted, treelike self here to bring kindness, love and truth.

This monthly womxn’s circle is a community to support us through these wild times. It is a place where we truly integrate our inside and outside selves so that we walk through the world as an integrated, whole, empowered human. This is the net we can fall into when we need to so that we can all be held and free.

What to expect:

  • Monthly 2 hour circles for 6 months
  • Closed, committed sacred group
  • Creative exploration, embodiment tools, space to authentically share
  • Containment
  • Community of strong, deep womxn
  • Being in the wonder together
  • A place to rest, to be received, to be who you truly are

$20 – $60 sliding scale per circle*
*Scholarship available for BIPOC and those with limited resources due to Ms. Corona

Virtual Meetings: Sundays from 4 – 6 pm Pacific
October 18, November 15, December 20, January 17, February 14, March 14

Register here.

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