Dying to Live Retreat

You are not ordinary. You never were and you never will be.
Life is wanting to fully live through you, dreams long to come to fruition.
And yet…

Yet our breath often is shallow, our body tight.
Our mind contracts around fears and what if’s.
We seek for the next baby step and yet our reality swirls with confusion and the unknown.

Come, dear one.
Come free yourself.
Free that beautiful body of yours, oxygenating it with the power of life force.
Spread your arms wide open to gather through brokenness and wholeness,
The knowing of possibility.
And dance into the divinity of an unknown, radical boldness.

Don’t you see?
We need you.

The Dying to Live Retreat is an opportunity to explore the aspects of ourselves that keep us from living a life that is fully alive. We have the capacity to live our lives at 100% aliveness, and yet through life experiences, we start to contract, get stuck, cut off parts of ourselves for perceived protection, shutting down and repressing our feelings, which in a way causes parts of ourselves to die. On Friday, November 16 we gather on indigenous, sacred grounds to reclaim the life within us, to unleash those parts of us that have been quieted, deadened. This will be a weekend of movement, dance, breath work, singing, communing with Jewish traditions and wisdom, nourishing ourselves on all dimensions so that we may die to live. Come re-member your natural state of bliss, of freedom. Come for a weekend to be reborn.

Friday, November 16 at 3 pm – Sunday, November 18 at 1 pm
Woolman at Sierra Friends in Nevada City, CA
Admission cost of $52*
Food, shelter, and love provided and co-created.

*** Apply Now! ***

*  Due to this retreat being subsidized by a grant through Moishe House, the registration fee is the sole admissions cost to participate in the weekend.

** Due to a high volume of participant interest and limited spots, participants are accepted on a rolling basis.

*** You do not have to identify as Jewish to attend this retreat.

We love you,
Ashi, Brigitte, Miriam, and Gavrila


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