You Are Always Right

And so am I. Hear me out: Each of us is a whole universe. We are born into this world with a specific body, a unique mind, and a whole story that will unravel in front of us. We are truly all unique, quite the paradox. There are billions of us walking around on this planet, and... Continue Reading →

Your Unconsciousness is the Way

Our stickiest habits are our biggest teachers. The things that really get us annoyed or angry, those are the awakenings. We seek clarity, joy, happiness, searching and searching for the thing that'll give us peace. We go to teachers, read books, move to a different place, find another job, we're like a dog chasing our... Continue Reading →

The Journey

Waiting for the completion, the finish. But realizing there is none. Where did we learn that the end is of utmost importance? What are we waiting for? It is during that we learn so much. We hardly can fathom what the journey will offer. Hailing and raining, the trees dance in the storm. There is... Continue Reading →

The Future Will Not Look Like That

For the last few days, I've been having the same lessons come to me in different ways. It's a favorite thing of mine when Life communicates to us so clearly. And we'll keep receiving the same information a few times, in case we didn't catch it the first time around. Sometimes these lessons come through... Continue Reading →

In Me There Is You

The truth of my existence Is the essence of my being. More concrete and real Than any thought or feeling. In the foundation of this core truth, I score the Earth to find the you, That knows the depth, the width, the length, Of vibrating on this holographic plane. So we can come together and... Continue Reading →

Sit. Stay. It’s Worth It.

Why are we encouraged to sit through the discomfort? After four intensive years of turning towards, of digging, of being, I ask this question again. And it didn't surface during my meditation, those moments when the foot falls asleep or the face itches. No, it happened in the midst of my life. In the midst... Continue Reading →

Love You.

There is this moment that we realize that all the beliefs we had about love aren't true. They are a story, a dream, of passion, of being taken away, of falling, of flying. If they were true, we wouldn't be sitting where we are, still contemplating how it all works. Our mind holds on to... Continue Reading →

The Power of I Don’t Know

The art of not knowing is one of the finest arts. A delicate, yet intense, inquiry of revealing mastery. It unravels and withdraws, it confuses and misunderstands, it comes near and winds itself around the ankles of the one who longs and resists it. The movement never stops. There's a silent tempo, a rhythm unique... Continue Reading →

Take Rest

When the chest grips, When the breath gets shallow, When the jaw tightens, When life casts a shadow, That’s the time, my dear, to take rest. To hear the soul sing a song of disharmony, Of climbing a tall peak, of swimming upstream. The clenching, the closing, is oh so seductive! It’s familiar, we know... Continue Reading →

Tell Me I Did Good….Please.

The other day, I facilitated a call on grief, "Grief as Our Teacher," for a women's embodiment group. I was nervous much of the day, asking myself whether or not I was prepared. And once the call began and proceeded and finished, I waited for the people who had invited me to facilitate to tell... Continue Reading →

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