You’re Not Hearing Me.

I've been noticing, for a long time now, that I have a tendency to experience not being heard. It doesn't mean that it's true for whomever is on the listening end, but I have this insecurity that when I'm speaking, the other person isn't listening. Or when I'm speaking, I'm not being understood. Or when... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Your Thoughts.

In a recent Osho meditation workshop I held, I had a few of the participants come up to me at the end and say, “I just can’t seem to stop my thoughts!” This has come up over and over again in classes I teach and conversations I have regarding meditation. That we believe we should... Continue Reading →

Thank You Isn’t Enough

I live in a small town where gratitude is a much celebrated practice. Often in gatherings, we’ll begin or end or both, by saying something we’re grateful for. Growing up, this was a nightly practice after singing the Shema, an ancient, daily Jewish prayer. We’d report the best parts of our day, always adding in... Continue Reading →

Conceive Reality….Impossible!

In my article on meditation, I spoke up about how you can cease to think though thoughts still exist. In other words, there’s an ‘I’ that exists outside of the thought process. In fact, we are not our minds, our minds are a tool, though often times we are identified with our minds. If we bring... Continue Reading →

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